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Aviles Street in St Augustine Florida is the oldest street in the nation and an original art district as well as the location for an early church, cemetary, a jail, hospitals, boarding houses and schools. Through the years there have been alot of stores and memorable people selling their wares.  Later in the 1960's it was the original location of the Tropical Tradewinds Lounge. Aviles Street was renovated a few years ago with help from the city and was made  sidewalk cafe friendly and now is the home to bar and  restaurants with sidewalk seating. 

Across the street from the General Kirby House, which is now the home to the Historic Society is the Hamblen- Holiday Building. Built in 1864 and 1885, the building is actually 2 warehouse buildings built by Hamblen Hardware that were joined together and renovated into studio spaces. This building now houses retail spaces on  Aviles Street and Charlotte Street and artists' studios on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

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Welcome to Aviles Street, St Augustine, Florida, 32084

Aviles Street is the oldest street in the USA and rich in history and culture. Come visit and shop in galleries and wine and dine right on the oldest street,  Aviles Street. On this ancient picturesque cobblestone street you can also discover Aviles Street's several historical museums, a historic well, shops and galleries with antique prints, local art and custom jewelry, Several Bed and Breakfasts', a cocktail bar and several restaurants serving Cuban, Greek, Polish , Italian and American cuisine, and peace pies.

Located in the heart of Old Town,(2 blocks west from the city marina) head southeast from St. George Street across the plaza. Look for the archway and the authentic cobblestone street. 

This Street is also home to the 11 Aviles Street Ariists and Craftsmen Guild, with artists lofts on the top floors and retail spaces on the ground floor. A list of businesses at 11 Aviles Street in the Hablen- Holiday house include  Joel Bagnal Goldmith, Bouvier Maps and Prints, Dan Holiday Leather, Georgia Nick Gallery, Aviles Gallery, Studio Gallery and on Charlotte Street, The Professional Artists of St. Augustine, currently celebrating 35 years in business.